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Диабет прага





Peter Ferdinandy: Semmelweis University - Budapest, Hungary
Collaborating with Prof Rainer Schultz: Justuf Liebig University – Giessen, Germany
Targeting autophagy and mitophagy to restore diabetes-induced loss of cardiac stress adaptation

Nora Hosszufalusi: Semmelweis University - Budapest, Hungary
Collaborating with Prof Peter Garred: University of Copenhagen, Denmark
The role of the ficolin-lectin pathway in the susceptibility to infections in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Gyorgy Jermendy: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital - Budapest, Hungary
Collaborating with Prof Hildo Lamb: Leiden University - The Netherlands
Assessing genetic and environmental influences on different fat compartments, insulin resistance and coronary artery disease: a twin study

Tomasz Klupa: Jagiellonian University - Krakow, Poland
Collaborating with Prof Andrew Hattersley: Exeter Medical School – Devon, UK
New approach to existing MODY biomarkers and the development of novel ones

Bojan Polic: University of Rijeka - Rijeka, Croatia
Collaborating with Prof Thomas Wunderlich: CEDAD – Cologne, Germany
The role of natural killer cells in the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Stanislava Stosic-Grujicic: University of Belgrade - Belgrade, Serbia
Collaborating with Prof Ferdinando Nicoletti: University of Catania, Italy
Carbon monoxide-releasing molecule CORM-A1, a novel approach for treatment of type 1 diabetes



Petr Bouček - Diabetes Centre IKEM - Prague, Czech Republic/University Hospital Würzburg - Germany
Skin nerve fibre regeneration and neurophin expression in type 1 diabetes patients after pancreas transplantation

Jan Klimas - Comenius University Bratislava - Slovakia/University of Amsterdam - The Netherlands
The role of HGF7C-Met signalling in diabetic end-organ damage

Laszlo Koranyi - Heart Centre Foundation - Balatonfüred, Hungary/Malmö University Hospital - Sweden
Exploring parent-of-origin specific transmission of genetic variants inreasing the risk of type 2 diabetes

Boris Mankovsky - National Medical Academy - Kiev, Ukraine/Utrecht Medical Center – The Netherlands
Cerebral blood flow, cognitive dysfunction and abnormalities on brain MRI in patients with type 2 diabetes

Andres Metspalu - University of Tartu - Estonia/University of Oulu - Finland
Genomic, metabolic and demographic characteristics of type 2 diabetes in the Estonian population

Tomas Venckunas - Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education – Kaunas/Aberdeen University - UK
Citrate synthase as a target in treatment of obesity and diabetes


Gábor Firneisz - Semmelweis University – Budapest, Hungary/Medical University of Vienna - Austria
Phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of individuals born from gestational diabetes mellitus pregnancies

Igor Lacik - Slovak Academy of Sciences - Bratislava, Slovakia/University of Science & Technology - Trondheim, Norway
Microcapsules for immunoprotection of transplanted islets: prediction of biocompatibility by whole blood assay

Jan Lebl
- Charles University - Prague, Czech Republic/University of Copenhagen - Denmark
Identification of the cause of Czech monogenic diabetes by deep sequencing of accesible coding regions of human genes


Maija Dambrova - Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis - Riga, Latvia/University of Glasgow - UK
Metabolomic analysis of diabetes: elucidating the metabolic correlates of diabetic complications

Jan Kopecky - Institute of Physiology - Prague, Czech Republic/Wageningen University - The Netherlands
Improvement of metabolic flexibility by combination treatment with n-3 fatty acids and thiazolidinedione in mice

Koba Kupreishvili - Georgian National Insitute of Medical Research - Tbilisi, Georgia
/Free University Medical Centre - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The mechanism of vein graft failure in diabetes: new target(s) of therapy

Adrian Manea - Instutite 'Nicolae Simionescu' - Bucharest, Romania/Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Israel
Investigation of the role of PPARs in mediating oxidative stress signals in vascular cells in diabetes

Mirjana Pibernik-Okanovic - Vuk Vrhovac University Clinic - Zagreb, Croatia/Diabetes Research Institute - Bad Mergentheim, Germany
Does treating subsyndromal depression improve depression- and diabetes-related outcomes? A randomised controlled comparison of psychoeducation, physical exercise and treatment as usual

Raivo Uibo - University of Tartu - Estonia/Leiden University Medical Center - The Netherlands
Use of MHC 1 peptide multimers for characterisation of blood CD8 T lymphocytes in type 1 diabetes

Jozef Ukropec - Slovak Academy of Sciences - Bratislava, Slovakia/Institute of Molecular Systems Biology - Zurich, Switzerland
Adipose tissue and skeletal muscle plasticity in metabolic health and in insulin resistance


Ekaterine Berishvili - Tbilisi State Medical University – Georgia/Uppsala University - Sweden
Novel ectopic site for pancreatic islet transplantation

Robert Hermann - Semmelweis University - Budapest, Hungary/University of Turku - Finland
IF1H1 and IL2RA defined autoimmunity pathways in type 1 diabetes pathogenesis

Jana Vrbikova - Institute of Endocrinology - Prague, Czech Republic/Warwickshire Institute of Diabetes - U.K.
Effects of bariatric surgery on metabolic improvement and remission of type 2 diabetes mellitus: in vivo and in vitro studies


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